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It's important to note that individual responses to MLS laser treatment may vary, and the specific benefits experienced will depend on the condition being treated, its severity, and other individual factors. Contact Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle to consult with a doctor experienced in MLS laser therapy to determine if it is suitable for your specific situation.

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Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

There are multiple benefits associated with MLS laser therapy, including:


Causes vasodilation and activates lymphatic drainage.


Reduce area pain by blocking nerve cells.

Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth

Increases mitochondrial regeneration increasing cell ATP production.

Improved vascular activity

Increases the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissues.

Increased metabolic activity

Creates higher outputs on a cellular level, including enzymes, oxygen, and particle loads for blood cells.

Trigger points and acupuncture points

Targeted treatment for arthritis-related pain and stimulating muscle trigger points to provide relief.

Reduced fibrous tissue formation

Limit scar tissue formation following surgery or another injury.

Improved nerve function

Stimulate and increase the process of nerve cell reconnection.


Stimulates immune system cells and creates ATP.

Faster wound healing

Reduce recovery time by up to 40% by stimulating fibroblast (collagen) development.

Conditions That Can Be Treated With MLS Laser Therapy

A number of foot and ankle conditions can be helped by MLS laser therapy, including:

Plantar fasciitis

MLS therapy is an effective treatment for reducing inflammation and providing pain relief in cases of plantar fasciitis.

Achilles tendonitis

MLS therapy can be used to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief in cases of Achilles tendinitis.


MLS therapy can be used to reduce inflammation, provide pain relief, and even help correct the deformity associated with bunions.

Heel spurs

MLS therapy can be used to reduce inflammation and help relieve the pain of heel spurs.

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

MLS therapy has been found to be effective at reducing inflammation and helping relieve the symptoms of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.


MLS therapy can reduce inflammation associated with neuromas, providing relief from painful symptoms.

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