Symptoms of Calcaneal Fractures

Calcaneal fractures are associated with several common symptoms. These can include:

Pain and swelling

Initially, patients may experience severe pain and swelling in the heel area. Often, the pain is severe enough that the patient visits the nearest emergency room.


Bruising often occurs soon after the fracture due to bleeding under the skin. However, some people will suffer a calcaneal fracture where bruising is absent.

Difficulty walking

Difficulty walking may be noticeable as the fracture can prevent proper weight bearing on the affected heel.

Instability in the ankle area

The ankle area may feel unstable, making it difficult to stand or walk in a normal fashion.

Diagnosing Calcaneal Fractures

A podiatrist is most qualified to diagnose a calcaneal fracture. The podiatrist will first take a detailed history and perform a physical exam. During the physical exam, your podiatrist will check for fractures by pressing on the heel area. They may ask you to move your toes and confirm that you have normal foot sensations.

Imaging tests can provide more concrete evidence of a fracture, allowing for an accurate diagnosis. If your X-ray shows evidence of a calcaneal fracture, your podiatrist may order a CT scan to produce a more detailed image of the area.

Treating Calcaneal Fractures

Your podiatrist will create an individualized treatment plan to help with your calcaneal fracture.


Resting the foot is important in order to allow the bone time to heal properly.

Ice or heat therapy

Ice or heat therapy can also help reduce pain and swelling, as well as improve circulation to the area.

Pain relieving medication

Medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be prescribed to address the discomfort associated with a calcaneal fracture.

Physical therapy

A physical therapist can work with you to help restore strength and flexibility to the foot after the fracture has healed.


Orthotic devices or braces may be recommended to support the foot and ankle during healing.


In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary to correct any associated deformities or fractures that cannot heal on their own.

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