Diagnosing Gout

To diagnose gout, we will ask questions about your family and personal medical history. We will also thoroughly examine the affected joint. On occasion, lab tests and X-rays may be ordered to better determine if the inflammation is caused by gout or something else.

Potential Treatment Options

Gout attacks are initially treated in the following ways:

Dietary restrictions.

You will need to avoid foods and beverages high in purines because the body converts purines to uric acid.

Drink plenty of water and other fluids.

You will need to drink plenty of water and other fluids each day to remain adequately hydrated. Alcoholic beverages cause dehydration and should be avoided.

Immobilize and elevate.

When gout attacks, you need to give your foot a rest. Avoid standing and walking. Elevate the foot so it is level to or slightly above the heart to reduce swelling.

Medications or injections.

We may prescribe medications or injections to treat the pain, inflammation, and swelling.

If gout symptoms continue despite the treatments outlined above, or if repeated attacks occur, you may need to see your primary care physician for treatment of any underlying problems that are not foot related.

Are You Suffering From Gout In The Caldwell Or Meridian, Idaho Area?

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