Treatment of Ganglion Cysts

A physical examination and imaging tests are used to diagnose a ganglion cyst on the foot. A podiatrist may take an X-ray or ultrasound to get a better view of the area, as well as look for any signs of arthritis. They will also feel around the lump to understand its size and consistency.

Often, a podiatrist will advise patients to watch and wait before trying any treatment for ganglion cysts that are not causing pain. This is because they may go away on their own without any intervention.

Modifying the shoe by changing the shoe itself or adding padding as necessary is often recommended when a cyst is being monitored.

If the cyst is causing pain or discomfort, a podiatrist may use a needle to aspirate the fluid from the area. This can help reduce pressure and pain. At this time, corticosteroid injections can help further reduce inflammation and pain around the lump.

The cyst may need to be surgically removed if other treatment options fail or are not appropriate. Surgery is usually only recommended if other treatments haven't worked or if the lump is causing problems with movement. While the ganglion cyst recurrence rate associated with surgery is substantially lower than that associated with aspiration and injection therapy, the ganglion cyst might nonetheless reappear in certain situations.

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