Your Two Feet Contain a Total of 250,000 Sweat Glands

It’s a lot of sweat glands for such a small area of the body, so it’s no wonder that our feet put out approximately half a pint of perspiration daily. It also explains why our sweaty feet can generate that funky smell. Some people suffer from excessive sweating of the feet; a condition called hyperhidrosis. Here’s an interesting article if you want to learn more about sweat and the human body.

There was Once an Exhibition of Foot Cheese in Ireland

Our sweaty, warm feet are perfect homes for bacteria. These bacteria feed on dead skin cells and produce acids and gases that result in those arresting foot odors. The Irish discovered that foot bacteria are also good for cultivating cheese. In 2013, an event in Dublin displayed several cheeses made using bacteria obtained from people’s feet, armpits, and belly buttons. Delicious? We don’t know, because we understand that no one actually ate any of the cheeses.

Seventy-Five Percent of Americans will Suffer from Foot Problems During Their Lifetimes

An average walking day subjects your feet to forces totaling several hundreds of tons, so it’s a mistake to regard your feet as unimportant. The design of our feet is essential to enable us to walk upright and hoofing it on two feet is a defining feature of humanity. Here at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle, we are always interested in fun facts about feet, but having feet that hurt is not fun. So, when you are suffering from one of the many varieties of foot problems that affect the human foot, we know how to help you. 

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