Use metatarsal pads.

Metatarsal pads are among the most helpful and least obstructive foot pads that can be used to help heal problems with the balls of the feet. The pads act as shock absorbers and distribute foot pressure when you walk. When you place the pads inside your shoe, make sure they are pressing into the space just behind the balls of the feet, and not directly under the balls of your feet. You should feel much more comfortable when walking.

You will need to try these DIY tips for at least 4 weeks to see if the pain and inflammation in your feet is getting better. If you are not noticing any reduction in symptoms, there could be another underlying problem. Metatarsal pain can sometimes be an indication of a more advanced condition like a stress fracture in the feet, a plantar plate tear, or Mortons neuroma. In any case, if you don’t notice any relief or improvement, or if your symptoms get worse, you will need to make an appointment with a trusted Podiatrist. Continuing metatarsal pain will warrant an X-ray and a thorough examination.

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