How Can I Protect My Cheerleading Team?

Obviously, all cheerleaders need to practice, but it’s important not to cause injuries to your team members by doing too much practice. Injuries are more likely to happen because of tiredness or overuse of body parts. If you are a coach, make sure each team member knows exactly what she is doing each step of the way, and don’t move on to the next move until the previous one is as near perfect as possible. Here are some other ways to protect your team from injuries:

Practice on the Right Surface

Make sure your team practices on a surface with some give to it. Hard surfaces obviously make falling more hazardous, but they also provide legs, ankles, and feet with an unforgiving pounding.

Do Exercises

Include foot and ankle-strengthening exercises in your team’s warm-up routine.

Check Your Team’s Shoes

Make sure everyone has the right footwear and that it fits them properly. Your team should practice in the same shoes they will wear during an actual performance. Wearing different shoes on a cheerleading night is asking for trouble.

Look for Problems

Encourage team members to come to you with any kind of physical problem. You don’t want them keeping quiet because they feel they might let the team down. They may have foot and ankle issues that can be remedied with arch supports, orthotics, or some other kind of foot support. Ideally, work with parents and podiatrists to fix any problems and avoid injuries down the road.

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