One of the more dangerous times of the year for anyone who wants to play outdoors is the wintertime. Frequently after snowstorms, snow packs down and accumulates into ice. Ice, of course is not a great surface for even the best of us to run or exercise on. Falls and spills will frequently lead to chipped elbows, bruised hips, broken tail bones or even nasty head injuries.

For this reason, one of the best ways to stop an injury from happening is to not slip in the first place. If you’ve ever seen what snow tires do on ice you might be impressed by the YakTrax. This great little device slides right over your existing running shoes, hiking boots or everyday go to work shoes and gives them that extra bit of traction you need. They usually slide right on over top and can quickly be removed once inside. They work on the same principle as snow chains on your car tires. The more surface area and bite you can create into the slippery surface the less your risk of fall.

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