Treating Plantar Warts at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle 

Although plantar warts rarely cause serious or life-altering symptoms, they can make everyday life unpleasant. Unfortunately, though plantar warts do eventually disappear, they can take a long time to resolve on their own—sometimes up to two years, and only after your immune system has successfully fought off the virus. Some home remedies can provide limited relief, but might not succeed in preventing warts from reforming, especially if the virus is still in your system. 

You don’t have to accept painful, unpleasant, or recurring plantar warts on your feet. Our solution-oriented medical team at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle can help in various ways.  

Provide an Accurate Diagnosis 

Do you have a corn, a callus, a plantar wart, or something more serious? We take the guesswork out of your foot condition. In most cases, we can diagnose a plantar wart within minutes, typically through a visual inspection and physical examination. 

However, if we believe that your wart could have another cause, we might recommend a biopsy. This is done for your protection, and to ensure that you don’t have a more malignant condition. 

Recommend Fast, Cost-Effective, and Convenient Treatment Options

Our Meridian and Caldwell foot doctors provide treatment methods that vary in complexity, depending on the nature of your condition. Here’s what we often recommend: 

  • Prescription medication, including gels and creams, can quickly remove warts and let your podiatrist scrape off any remaining growth within days. 
  • Cryotherapy, which uses an application of an extremely cold substance to encase, freeze, and destroy a plantar wart. 
  • Immunotherapy, a process that treats warts by directing your body’s immune system to fight the HPV responsible for plantar growths. 
  • Laser treatment, which destroys the blood vessels feeding the wart, thereby prompting its rapid demise. 

In very rare cases, we might also recommend surgery.

Dr. P. Roman Burk
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