Discoloration and Swelling

Other common indicators of a fracture include discoloration (reddish or purplish) of the big toe. While some discoloration might occur even after you have stubbed your toe, it generally disappears after a day.

In the case of a fractured big toe, discoloration can extend for days and spread to other areas of the foot. Often, the discoloration will be deeper than the discoloration you may normally experience as a result of bruises.

Swelling is another common indicator of a fracture. If you notice a difference in the shape of your big toe – if it is stuck in an odd position, if it is crooked or pointed upwards or downwards, it could be due to a fracture.

When Should You See a Podiatrist?

As mentioned above, persistent pain which lasts for days, deepening discoloration which has spread to other parts, and inability to walk or put weight on the big toe are indications of a fracture.

If you experience any or all these symptoms, it is best to consult with a professional foot and ankle specialist to prevent the situation from exacerbating.

After a complete examination, which will include an x-ray, if your podiatrist suspects a fracture, the big toe will be secured with a splint to keep it in a fixed position. You will be told to rest, so the big toe is not placed under any undue stress.

If, however, the fracture is serious, with either the joint being seriously compromised or the toe bone(s) severely displaced, surgery might be recommended.

Recovering from a Broken Big Toe

If you have suffered a fracture of the big toe, you can expect the pain and swelling to continue for a few weeks.

Your doctor will advise you to rest your foot, and to avoid putting weight on the affected foot to promote faster healing and prevent further damage. You might have to use a walking cast until your doctor says you don’t need to use it anymore. It is best to avoid any kind of strenuous physical activity until your toe is completely healed. 

No Time for Guessing

Any injury to your toes can be extremely painful. However, a distinction is necessary between an injury from stubbing and a fracture.  

A fractured bone can cause excruciating pain, swelling, and discoloration. If any of the above symptoms don’t subside within a day or two, and if you suspect you have fractured your big toe, don’t second guess that gut feeling. Consult with a professional podiatrist and get your toe x-rayed.

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