Sweating is a biological process through which the body prevents overheating and keeps itself cool. Which is why we tend to sweat a lot during the summer months when heat and humidity are high.

Although most people do find the feeling of sweating from the feet a bit icky, the fact is it helps in cooling the body. If you maintain proper hygiene and keep your feet clean and dry, sweating from the feet should not present any kind of problem.

The feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands. In fact, the concentration of sweat glands is the highest in the feet compared to any other part of the body. On a daily basis, the sweat glands can produce around half a pint of sweat or perspiration.

If sweat cannot evaporate or dry up sufficiently, and it remains on your skin, it can lead to smelly feet and other serious issues such as foot infections. Which is why it is always so important to maintain good foot hygiene.

Hyperhidrosis or Abnormal Sweating

Although sweating from the feet is not an exception, some people tend to have feet sweat excessively as well as the palms. Sometimes excessive sweat can be difficult to manage and even cause embarrassment.

Excessive or abnormal sweating can happen due to a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis. A person suffering from hyperhidrosis will sweat profusely even if the temperature is low and they are not physically exerting themselves.

Is Sweating Causing My Feet to Smell Bad?

Smelly feet are a common concern for many people. If you sweat excessively and it leads to smelly feet, it can be very embarrassing if you must take off your shoes in front of another person or in public spaces.

While it might be easy to blame your sweat for the ripe odor coming from your shoes, bacteria are one of the main culprits of stinky feet.

Sweating is a heat response by the body to cool down the surface of the skin. As sweat evaporates, your skin cools off. However, if the sweat can’t evaporate, bacteria and fungus flourish in the wet environment created by the excessive water content.

As the bacterial population on the skin increases, their waste and byproduct content causes odors to occur.

5 Tips to Prevent Smelly Feet

If you suffer from excessive foot sweating, check out the list below:

  1. Keep your feet clean and dry always – use an antibacterial soap if you are prone to bacterial or fungal infections.
  2. Scrub the hard skin from your soles and ensure your toenails are clean and trimmed.
  3. Avoid wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes – alternate your shoes and insoles (if possible) so your footwear can dry. You could also try using medicated insoles which can serve as deodorizers.
  4. Avoid polyester or nylon socks – use socks made from natural fabrics or moisture-wicking fabric and change your socks regularly.
  5. Use antiperspirant on your feet – you can also use foot powder to reduce perspiration.

Worried About Excessive Sweating of the Feet? Visit a Podiatrist

It is important to note that excessive sweating increases your chances of developing foot infections.

In people suffering from serious health conditions, such as diabetes or those who suffer from poor circulation, foot infections can lead to other serious health complications like infections, athlete’s foot and other fungal or bacterial infections.

So if you suffer from excessive sweating of the feet and the condition is causing you physical or social distress, you don’t have to continue to suffer.

Consult with a professional foot and ankle specialist and get proactive about addressing any problems you might be facing due to excessive sweating of the feet. 

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