How Can I Prevent Ankle Pain When Running on a Treadmill?

Proper preparation for your treadmill workout can dramatically reduce your risk of ankle pain. Here’s what you should do:


Stretch your legs and ankles before getting on the treadmill. Stretching increases the flow of blood to the ankle area, reducing the risk of sprains and strains. Here’s a video demonstrating how to rotate your ankles.

Alternate with other exercises

To prevent overuse ankle injuries, alternate your session on the treadmill with other forms of exercise. This changes things up for your muscles and prevents your ankles from being stressed by the same repetitive workout every time you go to the gym.

Wear the right shoes

You need a good pair of supportive running shoes that should be replaced as soon as they stop giving you optimum support.

What’s the Best Treatment for Ankle Pain?

Despite your best efforts, if your ankle still hurts after a session on the treadmill, take it easy for a few days and give your ankle a rest. Continuing to run on an injured ankle is asking for trouble, and you may end up making the problem worse. Here are some home treatments for an ankle that’s hurting.

  • Take over-the-counter pain medications to help relieve discomfort.
  • Use an ice pack on your ankle several times a day for twenty minutes at a time.
  • Wrap your ankle in a compression bandage when out walking to add stability and prevent further damage.
  • When your ankle feels good enough to hop back on the treadmill, start slowly. If the pain returns, stop running.

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