Treating Adult Flat-Footedness

Since adult flat-footedness has several potential causes, your podiatrist may recommend treatments that relieve your symptoms and prevent and future recurrences. Treatments for adult flat feet include, but are not limited to:

Physical Therapy and Stretching

Some stretching exercises can relieve stiffness, tightness, and muscular imbalances associated with flat-footedness. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, physical therapy could reduce symptoms by strengthening affected muscles.

Supportive Footwear and Arch Supports

Your podiatrist could recommend affordable shoes that help support your arches and redistribute your weight to relieve the pain associated with flat feet.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are prescription medical devices that are worn inside of your shoes. In general, orthotics are customized for individual patients. They can help support collapsed arches and provide an additional layer of cushioning.


Adult flat-footedness can usually be resolved without surgery. However, for patients experiencing particularly severe symptoms, surgery can help correct structural abnormalities or latent damage to the foot and ankle.

Podiatrists may also recommend preventative surgery to prevent early-stage cases of flat feed from worsening. Some techniques are minimally invasive and allow for rapid recovery times. Your podiatrist will help you understanding and assess your options.

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