How the Skilled Podiatrists at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Treat Morton’s Neuroma

Every case of Morton’s neuroma is different, but it almost never goes away on its own. Before prescribing medication or referring a patient to surgery, the professionals at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle try to understand your unique needs, habits, and lifestyles. In some cases, a neuroma can be relieved through a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and a simple change in footwear. 

Other common treatment methods include: 


If your symptoms are mild and your neuroma appears likely to resolve without surgery or prescription medication, we might recommend that you regularly apply ice or cold packs to the affected foot. Icing, which is both simple and cost-effective, can gradually reduce inflammation and relieve unpleasant sensations. 

Custom Orthotics 

A custom orthotic is a prescription device that we create that could be an insole, a padded insert, or an entire shoe. Since orthotics are made to fit the contours of your feet, they can fix gait and pressure-related problems that either cause neuromas or worsen Morton’s neuroma-related symptoms. 

Physical Therapy

Another way to manage Morton's neuroma symptoms is through various forms of physical therapy, such as exercises designed for muscle strengthening and to increase flexibility and circulation. This recommendation might also be combined with MLS laser therapy or in a post-operative recovery plan    


A corticosteroid is a type of prescription medication that helps relieve and reduce neuroma-related inflammation. Usually administered by injection, we often try other non-invasive methods before recommending this treatment to reduce possible cortisone side effects and gauge the number of applications to your specific needs.  


Only a small percentage of patients with Morton’s neuroma patients need surgery, a procedure known as a neurectomy. However, we might recommend it if your symptoms are severe or if your inflammation doesn’t respond to other forms of treatment. Although there are potential risks with any type of surgery, most neuroma-related procedures are minimally invasive and have relatively short recovery times. During your surgical consultation, our team explains the process thoroughly so you have a complete understanding of what to expect.
Dr. P. Roman Burk
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