Dear Dr. Burk:

I have this crazy problem, my right foot vibrating or buzzing. It feels just like there is a cell phone in my shoe and it vibrates for a few seconds, then stops, then does it again.  I didn’t injure my foot.  It doesn’t hurt. It just vibrates intermittently like a cell phone.  It’s driving me nutty. What could be causing my foot vibration? 

Miranda H. – Boise, Idaho

It sounds like you are experiencing “fasciculation,” which is just a fancy way of saying intermittent, involuntary muscle spasms. Although fasciculation is particularly common in thighs, it can happen in many places throughout the body—including the feet.

This kind of muscle twitching can occur whenever a muscle is overworked, pulled, or used incorrectly. This happens more often than you might think, especially in a really active population like we have here in and around Boise and the Treasure Valley. Foot buzzing can also be brought on by stress or a salt deficiency in your diet.

Legs walking | Experienced Idaho PodiatristHow to Stop the Vibrating in Your Foot

We don’t always know the precise triggers behind a particular cause of chronic fasciculation, so developing an effective treatment strategy for some cases may require a closer evaluation. However, the following tactics may work: 

  • Massage the affected area in your foot.
  • Use heat therapy.
  • Eat a banana every day.
  • Take a 100 mg potassium supplement every day for a week. Vibration should begin dispersing after a few days on the supplement.
  • Drink mineral water or seltzer water.

The good news is that intermittent muscle buzzing is usually benign and not necessarily a sign of a more serious neuromuscular problem. 

However, if you’ve tried the above remedies for a week and are still dealing with the buzzing, I would strongly urge you to err on the side of caution and book an appointment with us at our offices in Meridian or Caldwell.

Even if the condition is truly benign, a professional evaluation can still help you narrow down the list of possible causes and give you a much better chance of developing a treatment strategy that will be effective. Benign or not, involuntary muscle twitching can definitely drive you nuts!

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