Prevention and Treatment of Hammer Toe

It is important to begin treating your hammer toe while the joints in your toes are still flexible. You can start by making some immediate adjustments with your footwear. Wear comfortable shoes with enough toe space to accommodate your foot’s shape. If you have high arches in your feet, wearing insoles in your shoes will help give you some better arch support. There are over the counter hammer toe pads available that will gently separate the toes. For the corns on the toes, try using a pumice stone after bathing. Gently remove dead skin from the tops of the toes, and then apply some lotion. I also suggest that you do some toe exercises that can start to reverse the toe deformity. Do these exercises consistently once per day for best results.

For more severe cases of hammer toe, where you are unable to flex and curl your toes, and your foot joints have become immobile, surgery may be the only solution. Surgery will reposition the crooked toes, realign the affected joints and tendons, and remove excess bony tissue. Fortunately, hammer toe surgery is a common procedure that can eliminate pain and yield excellent results. Recovery time after surgery is about 6 weeks, but you should be able to walk right away by using special surgical shoes.

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