A Jones fracture is a specific type of fracture that occurs at the base of the 5th metatarsal. To locate the 5th metatarsal, run your finger along the outside of your foot, near the mid-foot region. You will feel the 5th metatarsal base, which is the hard, bony structure sticking out along the outside of your foot. This is where a Jones fracture occurs.

Jones fractures are usually caused by a twisting injury of the foot. It can be associated with an ankle sprain, or the same type of motion that causes an ankle sprain…rolling over the outside of the ankle, or a direct blow to the foot. While a broken bone can be painful, this type of fracture can also be confused with a sprain, and may be overlooked. As with most foot and ankle injuries, if you have significant pain, swelling, or dysfunction, you should see your foot and ankle specialist for an evaluation.

Referring back to our basketball injuries. An example of a high-profile basketball star that suffered this injury and underwent surgical correction of the fracture was Kevin Durant in 2014.

Again, just as we talked about with an Achilles tendon rupture there are conservative casting and surgical treatment options. This is individually based and typically our competitive athletes we will recommend primary repair of the fracture with screw fixation. This is in part because of the difficult location of the injury, which notoriously has a slow healing process. The primary repair gives the competitive athlete potential faster recovery time and return to activity time with increased strength at the fracture site.

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