Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy alters and accelerates the healing process. Here are just a few benefits of this procedure.


Unlike prescription medication, using platelet-rich plasma is an autologous substance—it comes entirely from your own body, without any added pharmaceutical compounds.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a recent innovation but has been shown to deliver clear and consistent results in the treatment of foot pain. Estimates vary, but a significant number of patients receiving PRP nationwide—up to 85 percent for various medical issues—report a near-immediate improvement in symptoms.


PRP is used to treat a wide variety of conditions. These include traumatic injuries, like a torn or ruptured tendon and pulled ligaments, as well as chronic diseases like osteoarthritis.

Recovery Time

Although the benefits of PRP therapy can last between several weeks and several months, few patients report serious side effects. Mild pain and soreness may be present around the injection site, but there’s rarely any need to take time away from work to recover—most patients can return to their jobs and other regular activities immediately.

Minimal Invasiveness 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an injection. It doesn’t require surgery or incisions.

Talking to Your Podiatrist About PRP 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been used to successfully treat many different conditions. However, it’s not recommended for everyone. Before beginning this process, your podiatrist:

  • Reviews your medical history.
  • Asks questions about your pre-existing health conditions.
  • Assesses PRP’s compatibility with your current medications.
In most cases, PRP therapy is almost entirely risk-free, but for some people, there’s a small risk of side effects such as pain, swelling, infection, and potential nerve damage. If you have an autoimmune disease or any other condition that could make it difficult or unsafe to receive certain types of injections, let your podiatrist know during your initial consultation—after reviewing your medical history and concerns, they may either recommend PRP therapy or suggest a better alternative.
Dr. P. Roman Burk
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