How Our Trusted Foot Doctors Treat Chronic Ankle Instability and Improve Your Health

You don’t have to let this common condition drive down your quality of life. Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle’s experienced team of Caldwell and Meridian podiatrists has spent years helping our Idaho neighbors reclaim their physical independence after injury. We’ll do a complete examination of your feet and ankles, and depending on the circumstances and severity of your condition, here are some solutions we’ll recommend. 

Bracing or Taping 

If the diagnosis indicates your ankle sprain or general instability can be treated without surgery, we’ll either brace the affected area or use kinesio or athletic tape to provide better support. Both of these methods help stabilize the ankle joint, muscles, and ligaments without significantly restricting your mobility. 

Custom Orthotics 

Ankle sprains and similar injuries can cause the ligaments that support your feet—and your body weight—to tear and repeatedly fail. Changing your footwear or wearing a prescription orthotic device relieves some of the pressure on your injured ankle and facilitates faster healing. 

Physical Therapy 

People who sprain an ankle once have a higher risk of suffering the same injury—with the same ankle—again. However, our experienced team of Treasure Valley podiatrists will help integrate therapeutic exercises into your daily routine or workout regimen, providing advice on how to target weak muscles, and letting you reinforce your ankles in a way that works well with your lifestyle. 


We always prioritize less-invasive procedures like the ones listed above, and will only recommend treatment that affords you the greatest chance of getting back on your feet safely. Surgery is a last resort for chronic ankle instability but is sometimes the best option for patients whose injuries cause excessive pain or place them at high risk for traumatic falls. 

Before pursuing a certain surgical procedure, the knowledgeable foot doctors and surgeons at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle examine your injury and use imaging tests to obtain a detailed overview of your injured ankle joint. Most interventions are structured to either repair damaged ligaments or rebuild compromised support systems. We take the time to help you understand your condition and treatment options, so you feel confident in your care and eventual recovery.
Dr. P. Roman Burk
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