Treating Ingrown Toenails at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle

Ingrown toenails don’t typically require any special medical attention. However, your child may benefit from a professional examination with the foot doctors at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle if they: 

  • Develop an infection.
  • Keep getting ingrown toenails even after changing footwear or trimming their nails. 
  • Have unusually severe or painful symptoms. 

Our experienced team of podiatrists has spent decades helping Idaho families take good care of their feet. Depending on your child’s condition, symptoms, and potential complications, we may recommend various solutions such as: 

  • Prescription-strength antibiotics. 
  • Using a splint or other orthotic device to re-align your child’s toe and prevent recurring problems.
  • Surgically remove the nail or a section of their nail plate. 

In many minor to moderate cases, we suggest removing the border of the ingrown toenail. Even though this might sound scary—especially to young patients!—it’s a largely pain-free procedure that only lasts for several minutes and can bring near-instant relief.

Dr. P. Roman Burk
Providing experienced private practice podiatry services in the Caldwell and Meridian, ID area since 2007.